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Pietilä - 1883-1920 -Birth records/books--Oulu, Haukipudas

Lähetetty: 01.05.2019 19:27
Kirjoittaja pietila2019
I am in need of help please.
I am 75, new to this site,female, Canadian, and speak only English.
Last Year my DNA results showed that I am 62% Finnish on my Paternal side and 38 % English, Scottish, on my Maternal side. This was quite a surprise. My mother, while she was married and living in Vancouver BC in 1943, obviously had an encounter with this fellow from Finland. I have also connected with a 1st-2nd cousin , that is how I found out my Paternal surname is Pietila.
My cousin has shared what information they have on this family from Finland and we have determined that I am a descendant from one of the sons of the following 2 families. This man could be my paternal Grandfather or father, depending on what year he was born.
From a legal document they received in 2008 from VIRKATODISTUS - Official Certificate it states that there were children born to each of these 2 families.
1...(Heikki) Pietilä, born 30 Jun 1855 Haukipudas, died on 06 Jun 1924 in Haukipudas, and his wife Maria Kaisa os. Raappana, born 29 Oct 1859, died on 25 Jun 1901 in Haukiputa. Married: 24 Mar 1883. There are children in this marriage

2..Mathias (Matti) Pietilä, b. 14 Mar 1866 Haukipudas, moved from Haukipudas 01 Jan 1922, as a widow, and his wife, Maria Liisa. Jämsä, b. 05 Jan 1856, died on 02 Mar 1918 in Haukipudas. Married: 26 Apr 1885 . Marriage has children..

I would be ever so grateful if someone on this board could help me find those birth records please.

Re: Pietilä - 1883-1920 -Birth records/books--Oulu, Haukipudas

Lähetetty: 01.05.2019 22:26
Kirjoittaja jani
Not sure if you're a member, but the children of Heikki and their birth dates are listed here: ... 78&pnum=72

There were 8 children, 5 died young. Matti Aleksander born 14 AUG 1887 was the only living male descendant.

Re: Pietilä - 1883-1920 -Birth records/books--Oulu, Haukipudas

Lähetetty: 01.05.2019 22:34
Kirjoittaja jani
Matti's 5 children between 1885-1897 are listed here: ... 8&pnum=213

Juho Henrik born 2 AUG 1887 is the only surviving male listed. It's possible, that Maria still gave birth after 1900 (when this book ends), but she'd already be 44 making it unlikely. The Haukipudas births are digitized up to 1905, so if you wanted you could go through 1901-1905 to see if there's another boy in the family.

Re: Pietilä - 1883-1920 -Birth records/books--Oulu, Haukipudas

Lähetetty: 02.05.2019 00:23
Kirjoittaja pietila2019
Thank you so very much Jani for this wonderful information. :D
I will share this great news with my cousin whom I know will also be pleased.
So my hunt will be on to find any information on these 2 surviving sons as one of them would be my grandfather I am thinking.
I neglected to add in my post that my mother was born in 1920, and that in 1953 I had asked her why I was the only blonde in all the children she had, it was at this time she told me that my biological father was a sailor from Finland. At this time in my life I was not the least bit interested in family history. So my DNA result last year just confirmed her admission.

Sorry to ask another question but I am wondering where I might find census records and/or marriage records and WW11 Naval record sin Finland so I can search further into these 2 sons.?

My grateful thank you again Jani :D

Re: Pietilä - 1883-1920 -Birth records/books--Oulu, Haukipudas

Lähetetty: 02.05.2019 08:01
Kirjoittaja jani
You can find census records on the National Archives website. To navigate it easier, use this website:

Haukipudas is under Oulun läänin henkikirjat. The tax census was taken yearly and you can go up to 1919 online. Later records you have to view at the National Archive, unfortunately. Finland has pretty strict privacy laws, only material older than 100 years is online (50 years for death records). Which is why you won't find WWII records either, unless they died in the war.

Marriage records from Haukipudas are online only up to 1901, so obviously neither son has a marriage listed. You'd have to ask the parish ( for that info. They will charge you for the work, though. And it might take them months to respond. Not sure what the wait time is there. Some parishes take years to reply...

Re: Pietilä - 1883-1920 -Birth records/books--Oulu, Haukipudas

Lähetetty: 02.05.2019 17:07
Kirjoittaja pietila2019
Hello Jani

I cannot thank you enough for all your help . I will spend my time searching the census records as well. I have passed this information to my cousin and I know between us we will find a few answers..
You are a valuable asset to this team.

Sincere thanks again,