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Luiro in Rovianiemi

Lähetetty: 08.04.2018 20:27
Kirjoittaja Björn64
My wifes father, Eero, was born 1929 in Jaatila, Rovianiemi, and his father was Frans Oskari Luiro (1896-1934). We don't have much information about Frans Oskari at all. Why, for instance, he only passed away 38 years old. Eero himself passed away 1998 in Bureå, Skellefteå, Sweden. Looking for a relative who can tell us more about the family.
Also very interested in Frans Oskari's father Juho Pekka Luiro (1867-1945). Would like to get in touch with someone that maybe can share a photo of Juho Pekka and/or his son Frans Oskari

Greetings Björn Lindholm, Skellefteå, Sweden

Re: Luiro in Rovianiemi

Lähetetty: 09.04.2018 07:46
Kirjoittaja tuulacu
It is difficult to find information on Finnish people after 1918, since the laws concerning privacy are so strict (much stricter than in Sweden). There are, however, some places where you can find some pieces of information, e.g. historical newspapers (reach only until 1929; the fresher newspapers are found in National Library in Helsinki or in local libraries, such as Rovaniemi, on microfiche).

Here are some examples on what is found on Frans Luiro there: ... es=&page=1
- they are all in Finnish, sorry
- the first ones in Pohjolan Sanomat, Rovaniemi and Perä-Pohja in 1928 tells that Frans Luiro has been elected in the committee for schools
- - Lain Raahen Seutu and in Suursavolainen in 1921 tells about 6 people who where drowned in Kemi; Frans Luiro and Eino Huotari were the first ones to try to help them and could save the lives of two persons (Yrjö and Kalle Liikanen)
- in Lapin Kansa in 1921 Frans is also elected to the committee of Jaatila village school.

Frans Luiro has been a prominent person in the village of Jaatila, because he was chosen to the committee.

In Sotapolku (War path) you can find some Luiro persons from Rovaniemi ... ch-results
Luiro is not a common name at all.

Otherwise than seeking contact to Rovaniemi people (especially Jaatila, Rovaniemi) you have difficulties. But I am sure there are local genealogists and local history interested in Rovaniemi. Here are the contact pages of Peräpohjolan sukututkijat (genealogists based in Rovaniemi) which you might find some help from.

Tuula K

Re: Luiro in Rovianiemi

Lähetetty: 11.04.2018 22:30
Kirjoittaja Björn64
Thank you, Tuulaa, for the information and answers. I will countinue my search for the Luiro's from Rovianiemi /Björn