Brun-Eklund marriage record

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Brun-Eklund marriage record

Viesti Kirjoittaja ljsmedman » 15.11.2017 05:10

I just found a marriage record for Matilda Brun and Karl Eklund from February 1905. Could someone help with the translation? Were they married in New York, earlier than this year? ... 8&pnum=107

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Re: Brun-Eklund marriage record

Viesti Kirjoittaja Luonski » 18.11.2017 13:02

Looks like they were married earlier in New York but the year is just too unclear. The date of the banns (announced to be married, äktenskapslysningen) is on the left side which is 3 February 1905 but the date of marriage (sammanvigda) on the right is 25 October - the year looks like 1902 but could be the same as below 1904 if assuming they were both sent together by letter from New York.

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