another question re: Ahlbacks in Smedsby

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another question re: Ahlbacks in Smedsby

Viesti Kirjoittaja ljsmedman » 29.08.2017 05:08

Thanks everyone for your replies to my last query.
I can find parish records for the Ahlback family in Smedsby (at Rast 10) from 1797 to 1832. In the 1833-1840 record, I can't figure out what the notes mean: ... ay2=127905

After that, the Ahlback family is not at this location.
Again, many thanks in advance. Google Translate doesn't get me very far with these records!

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Re: another question re: Ahlbacks in Smedsby

Viesti Kirjoittaja Timo » 31.08.2017 10:26

Starting at the top left. There is one word which could start with f or s; I’m not sure if it’s part of the following sentence below or not. Then, äges af Matts Mattsson Sund srn: 560 och 545 – in half = ⁷/₄₈ – “owned by Matts Mattsson Sund pgs 560 and 545 – in half = ⁷/₄₈”. Apparently after the death of Christian Abraham Ahlbäck in 1837, his heirs did some land deals. The fraction is the mantal, a tax apportionment figure; the original estate taxed at ⁷/₂₄ mantal was split into two parcels.

Again in the left margin, till andra hälften = ⁷/₄₈ ??? af Matts Mattsson Hortans – “for the other half ??? by Matts Mattsson Hortans”. Carl Ahlbäck is noted as being Inhys:s å hemmanet – “employed* at the house” and Bor tillsammans med Matts Mattsson Hortans – “lives together with Matts Mattsson Hortans”. I can’t make read the note on the right concerning Carl.

Then on the top right, Christian Gabriel Ahlbäck äger Sund hemman N:o 23 i Sundom – “owns the Sund farm, No. 23 in Sundom”. The line below the is unclear to me, but it could end with Maria Mattsd:r, Christian Gabriel’s wife. All of Christian’s family is then noted with Afföra till Sundom – “transfer [registry entries] to Sundom [pages]”.

*Inhys meant residing on property owned by someone else, typically paying in labor. Unlike a dräng or piga there was no fixed-term employment contract.

The widowed Ulrika remained in Råst (communion book 1841–1849 II p. 522, as did Carl, however, not on the page of the land-owning family (communion book 1841–1849 II p. 539, Christian Gabriel Ahlbäck is listed where Matts Mattsson senior and junior came from, Sund farm in Yttersundom (communion book 1841–1849 II p. 633, which seems to have been reorganized, as the number is now 3.

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