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Anna Pehrsdr birth recording

Lähetetty: 08.05.2015 23:50
Kirjoittaja Katie
According to Hiski the above Anna Pehrsdr was born 1721 . I think I may have found the original birth registry at this link: ... k359/3.htm
I believe it's the 3rd entry. If this is the entry can you come up with a better date than 1721? Is there a month stated?
Thank You

Re: Anna Pehrsdr birth recording

Lähetetty: 14.05.2015 23:18
Kirjoittaja LenaA
Hej igen :)

The link doesn't show a birth date for Anna, the text is "dito confirm: för Anna". Her baptism was confirmed Sep 27 1721.

The "dito" is referring to the child Ingred(the lines above Anna).
I'm assuming the pages are in chronological order so the previous page gives Sep 1721.

Hopefully somebody can explain the differencies between the words(swedish) used in the records "christnades", "confirmerades", "döptes".

Lena A

Re: Anna Pehrsdr birth recording

Lähetetty: 15.05.2015 00:59
Kirjoittaja Katie
Lena, yes I noticed the ditto marks and that you found the baptism date is wonderful. I'll use that with a birth date of 1721 and baptism date the Sept date.
Once again, Lena, thank you for your help, much appreciated.